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I Create Professional Designs that get your brand noticed

Graphic Design

Designing effective media can be invaluable in supporting the marketing function of your business. I create new, modern, strong imagery for your business that will have an impact in your industry and create an impression which portrays confidence with new and existing clients

Brand Identity

A strong visual identity will have a substantial impact on the way your business is perceived in the market and assist you in reaching a broader customer base while encouraging a positive sentiment amongst your target audience and delivering an advantage in the marketplace

Web Design

An online presence is a powerful tool for any business and provides an opportunity to be as accessible as possible while enabling prospective customers to learn about your brand proposition. It is a cost effective way to regularly interact with customers and encourage valuable engagement


Effective copywriting is a system of ideas and engaging visual behaviors that communicate what you do in a uniquely memorable way. For my clients I partner great ideas with functional design to produce powerful tools that connect with their customers in new and exciting ways

Design Portfolio

Recent Examples

Slider Cider

A new logo design for "Slider Cider". The client wanted a "simple happy bright" logo that reflected the fun they have with making their cider!

Wheel Fast

New logo and tagline creations for Pedal Courier - Bicycle deliveries done "Wheel Fast".

Pdx Home Loans

Logo design, Web site design and simple Mock-Up for the mortgage company

Robert Kimsey Photography

Logo design. Robert is a true creative who still takes pictures the old school way...with patience, determination and a bit of luck!

Blue Jade Massage

Logo design for a new massage and bodywork studio Blue Jade

World Series Poster

For the love of the game I made this poster as an invite to a private "Radio Only" party around an outdoor fire pit.

PC Tech Northwest

Logo and Web Site for PC Tech NW - IT firm that wanted a new design to highlight the phone, cloud storage, maintenance and web security services they provide.

Rate Watcher

Logo design for the blog site "Rate Watcher" about the ever changing trends in real estate business.

Sunrise Charters

New logo for 'Sunrise Charters" - a charter airplane service. Be early or be grounded...

Gladstone Street Barber

Logo and Sign for "Gladstone Street Barber Shop". Barber Dan is also known for co-writing the song "Play Guitar" made famous by John Cougar Mellencamp

Greasy David

A sign for David Bright of "Greasy David's Garage"- Master Motorcycle builder and all around pretty suave guy!

Space Boy Fabrications

Personal logo and partial built gif for Brett Laurila. He is an architect and Fabricator.

Rudolph Red

Wine label for a Christmas red table wine. The client wanted the traditional holiday themes to be downplayed in the design.

Mountain Girl Wear

Simple 2-color logo design that looks dimensional and full when embroidered onto their custom line of hand-stitched garments.

diid2 Music Group

New logo and branding for the sound engineer company "diid2 Music Group". They were super great to work with!

Urban Electric

New logo for Urban Electric Company.

Barron Realty

I made this for a friend but I didn't work for its original intention so I went a different direction all together.

Oregon - "Don't Stay"

Logo design for the web site "Come Visit Dont Stay"

Bar Maven

Fun animated sign I made for Bar Maven. It's compressed here on the main page but correct layout on the larger display.

Bad Ideas

Personal project...and a basic reminder not to let my feet run faster than my shoes...

Mortgage Infographics

Custom infographics created for to explain the purchasing and refinancing mortgage processes.

Bentley Brewing

Beer label design. I was also given the freedom to name their IPA so I chose to honor the brew-master himself, Chad Bentley, and his impressive beard!

Max Weiss Design

Logo design for Max Weiss - Metal Works sculpture and designer.

Oregon Property Providers

New logo for "Oregon Property Providers" using their initials to also create two roof peaks.

Sound Hole Supply

A luthier supply shop that specializes in exotic woods and high end guitar accessories.

Coulton Woodworks

Logo I made for a neighbor who is a woodworking machine!

United Guitar Players

New online logo and banner designs for United Guitar Players

Cascade Investment Partners

Illustration for Cascade Investment Partners to be used on various printed materials.

Camping Drinking

Custom shirt design I was asked to make for a camping group.

Fred Thompson - Illustrator

Logo for Fred Thompson who only uses bic ball-point pens as his medium. Despite a sight impairment Fred produces his interpretations of historic figures.

Black Rooster Coffee

Logo & label for Black Rooster Coffee, a new Fair Trade coffee roasting company based out of Corvallis Oregon.

Portland Design Exhibit

Logo for the "Portland Design Exhibit" with an emphasis on Swiss minimalistic design

Portland Prime Properties

New logo design for Portland Prime Properties

Portland Shirt Design

A little design I made one rainy day that could work for shirts and other swag.

Yellow Truck Organic Farm

New logo design for The Yellow Truck Organic Farm based out of Eugene Oregon.

Personal Logo

An older version of a logo I made for myself. I wanted the hand-shake to illustrate my easy going yet professional attitude towards promotional design.

United Shirt Design

An original design for United Guitar Players using the text to create a OM guitar body

Ray's Bar & Grill

Logo for Ray's Bar & Grill - a sports bar and restaurant

Jack Photography

Logo design for "Jack Photography" who specializes in Black and White imagery. We decided to have fun with the name associations and leave the design simple and clean.

The Knuckle Heads

Cycle shirt design for the riding team "The Knuckle Heads". I also created a new front logo for them so that the overall design had a bit more depth.

The Team

"Without promotion, something terrible happens... nothing!" - P.T Barnum

Micah Potter


Graphic Designer


Personal Assistant


Motivational Speaker



Skills on Design

These percentages are made up but I stand by them!.

Hello my name is Micah Potter and growing up I studied the circus arts of juggling, unicycle riding, stilt-walking and trapeze by former Ringling Bros and Barnum & Bailey performers. Somewhere along the way the need to seek a more equitable return for my time became inevitable…with this bit of wisdom I decided to head to college!

After graduating with degrees in Marketing & Advertising Management (and receiving Portland State University’s “Marketing Student of the Year Award”) I spent several years working with commercial artists learning the ropes! In 2006 I started Slyfox Graphics with a primary emphasis on apparel design. As time evolved I began to receive inquiries about doing additional projects that pushed me outside my creative comfort zone. A logo here, a web site there, and before I knew it in 2009 I was taking the cold feet-first plunge to work exclusively as a designer.

What I have learned over the years is that most small to medium size companies need a resource for promotional design. This is where I shine as a collaborative outside team member! You will find that I am professional, attentive, communicative, clear and concise on how I can assist you all with a no pressure approach. I know trust is hard to earn so I work harder to ensure I deserve it from you!

  • Photoshop 82%
  • Illustrator 85%
  • Web Building 80%
  • Marketing 87%
  • Juggling 76%
  • chewing the fat 90%

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I value market recognition, good design and the way your brand or product is perceived by others. Although inspiration for promotional design can come from almost anything, the best information always comes from you – my client. This helps us determine what your promotional goals are and lets me know how I can exceed them.

After I have worked with you to come up with some ideas, I won’t rest until everything is perfect because only the best makes the final cut, and as my client you will be getting nothing short of my hardest efforts to create solid designs for your branding needs. It’s this level of passion and determination that I put into every project that will, in turn, get you noticed. Don't wait any longer...we should talk!